Properties Of Stones As A Building Material

Stone and rocks are extremely durable pieces of material which have formed over thousands of years due to geological processes that happen naturally due to the nature of the earth. this means that these materials have formed over thousands of years and have gone through extreme processes which make them extremely durable and have produced the permeability, making it extremely difficult for anything from the outside to penetrate the material. This means that they can provide adequate protection for anything that they are placed upon and, due to their extremely dense nature, there compressive strengths are extremely high as well. This means that the rocks can take a large amount of compressive forces before they fail, however, because the rocks are brittle in nature, the tension forces that they can take is extremely small and will fail prematurely if tensile stresses are allowed to increase in the rocks.

Applications of Stones and Rocks

Fortunately, most applications that rocks are used in do not create many tensile forces which means that they are the perfect application for which to use stones in. One such application is the use of stones in paving paths for different areas. These paths not only provide way to separate different areas of the property, but they also provide an aesthetic look which can be extremely appealing for many people. These paths can then be used for walking and can be extremely durable because of the nature of the building material that is used, that is, stone.

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